Akotor: Transformation & Learning

……provides support and guidance in organizational development, organizational learning and knowledge management.

What does Akotor stand for?

Ako is a Māori expression that denotes at once teaching and learning. This means that those who teach and those who learn always bring their pre-existing knowledge and jointly co-create new insights and perspectives.

Toro  in Māori means discovery and going beyond existing frontiers. This refers to learning about the world and about the opportunities to sustainably shape it.

Who is behind Akotor?

As an educator (M.A.) it has been my passion for over two decades to help organizations and people realize their full potential. My experience in teaching, consulting, leadership and organizational development spans across enterprises, universities and non-profits on three continents. As Assistant Professor (non-tenture track) and PhD Candiate at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, I research and teach topics such as transitions, organizational development, and informal learning. See here for more information on my research and teaching focus.

Michael Bernhard